We aim to supply FB Wagyu heifers and FB Wagyu bulls on all the AWA auctions held throughout the year. These animals will all have exceptional traits. The rest of the animals that pass our stringent quality assessments, will be for sale on our farm throughout the year.

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We are proud to present our second annual Gateway Farms Prestige Wagyu Auction 2023.
This year we will present the sale on our property at Bakers Creek rd, Gloucester.
We have a great line up of 45 top Full blood Heifer, 21 Full blood and 8 Polled bulls to present for 2023.

Gateway Farms Wagyu

153 Bakers Creek Road, Gloucester, NSW, 2422.



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Gateway Farms Prestige Wagyu Auction

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12:00pm 19th September, 2023

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Over the past couple of years we have produces some amazing calves out of our WE PACK FP00011 sire. This bull has an amazing pedigree with SMOFF0154 SUMO CATTLE CO MICHIFUKU F154 as his sire and WKSFM0164 WORLD K’S MICHIFUKU as his grand sire on the Paternal side. Then we find IMUFQTF148 ITOSHIGENAMI as his Grand sire on his dam side. No one can dispute the proven genetics in this bull and we have seen it in his calves. So for our 2023 sale we decided to use this bull over some of our top Gateway cows to produce bulls and heifers that can be used widely with almost any of the Elite Sires and dams in Australia. This creates the opportunity to breed incredible calves with these bulls and heifers.
We also put great effort in to bring milk into our herd and will offer some of these heifers in this sale.

In this sale we have also handpicked 8 top polled bulls. We have allot of faith in the polled breed and have spent the past 8 years breeding polled wagyu out of our full blood herd. Gateway has established a great genetic pool in our polled wagyu and have managed to push the marbling and EMI to new heights. These polled bulls don’t stand back for any FB bull and is opening a new era in the polled wagyu.

As always we also work through all the calves and eliminate every animal we are not completely happy with.
All the calves are broken in and then put on our feeding program to round them of for the sale. Selling yearling cattle it is very important for us to get the weights up and the calves to a point where they are easily manageable. If this foundation has been laid it makes a big difference in managing the cattle in years to come.

Gateway farms have spared no expense over the past few years to father some of the absolute best genetics out of the top breeders Australia has to offer. We have very selectively mixed the genetics to diversify the breed in Australia. We are very confident in the calves we produce.

Our saying is “We will not sell cattle we are not will to buy”.

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We also want to invite everyone who registers for the sale to a barbeque at Gateway farms on the evening of the 18th. So come a view the animals and visit with us afterwards.
Animals will be on view from 12pm on the 18th of September 2023 at 153 Bakers creek rd, Bakers creek, 2422.

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