Full Blood

Top ranked full blood wagyu

We believe it is extremely important to produce diverse top ranked full blood wagyu. The more diverse the genes and the less genetic defects are carried over the better for the whole of Australia’s wagyu breed.

Genetic Excellence

Marbling is very important in wagyu but we need to breed animals with good all-round traits. We use the following bulls over selected heifers to enhance the lower traits in the females to produce balanced calves.

Gateway has bred some amazing calves that we will use in our 2021 IVF program. We have worked out our mattings and we are very excited about the calves we will have on the ground in 2023.

Gateway will again use some of G113 semen and also SMOFQ0051 over some of our very best heifers we have produced. We believe these will produce some of the very best breeders Australia has to offer for the market in 2023.