Our aim at Gateway Farms is breeding high marbling polled homozygous wagyu with good growth and high carcass weights. We have all the tools and are well on our way to start marketing a top line of females and bulls.

Gateway go to a lot of effort to collect data on all calves and all feedlot data will be put in the breed plan. We only keep the very best of our females and bulls from breeding. The remainder go to the feedlot for future data.

Genetic Excellence

Gateway Farms has taken the polled wagyu very seriously from the start. At the 2016 AWA Conference we bought some Y52 semen and started our polled breeding. We are very confident in our polled genetics. In the next 24 months we will have some of the very best polled bulls and heifers in Australia on the market.

Supplying polled bulls with good MS and growth traits to breeders will eliminate the dehorning process. Breeders who run thousands of cattle would significantly reduce theirĀ  labour input.

Polled breeding is fairly new to the breed and theĀ  opportunities in the polled wagyu for both larger and smaller, selective breeders is endless.

Gateway has bred some amazing calves that we will use in our 2021 IVF program. We have worked out our mattings and we are very excited about the calves we will have on the ground in 2023.

Gateway will again use some of G113 semen and also SMOFQ0051 over some of our very best heifers we have produced. We believe these will produce some of the very best breeders Australia has to offer for the market in 2023.