Gateway Wagyu

committed to perfecting wagyu cattle

Experienced breeders

Gateway Farms is extremely passionate about breeding some of the very best breeding heifers and bulls in Australia and we spend hours upon hours researching the top up and coming bulls and heifers to produce equal and better progeny; improving the breed for the Australian markets.

Guaranteed results

We only sell animals we will be willing to buy. Do unto others as you would like to have done to you!

World class genetics

Gateway farms have spared no expense over the past few years to father some of the absolute best genetics out of the top breeders Australia has to offer. We have very selectively mixed the genetics to diversify the breed in Australia. We are very confident in the calves we produce.

About Gateway Wagyu

Against a breath-taking backdrop of 3,000 acres in the Gloucester, mid-coast region of New South Wales, Gateway Farms represents a proud tradition of exceptional farming that spans two continents.
Peter and Carl Erasmus bought their first game farm in the Northern Province of South Africa in the late 1980’s. Over the course of the next three decades, Peter and Carl acquired and managed several farms notching up extensive experience and a notable reputation in farming operations in South-Africa. In 2015, the Erasmus family, spearheaded by Peter and Carl, took their farming expertise to Australia. Gateway Farms was born, changing the face of the local Wagyu industry through excellence.

At the heart of our operation is a stoic commitment to conservation and deep-rooted honesty in everything we do. “We only sell cattle that we would be willing to buy!
We consider ourselves truly blessed to be able to wake up each morning to live our passion. We are God-fearing people who strive to be good to others and always be righteous and transparent. Our mission is to share our blessings with others and to introduce the younger generation to farming, mentoring them to make a significant, positive difference to the industry.

Our Philosophy

Dedicated to exceptional farming.

Gateway Farms’ entire operation is underpinned by rigorous research and in-depth knowledge.  

Since its inception, we have heavily invested in collating data. We believe a diversity of genetics plays an integral role in producing world-class breeds, so we have spared no expense in carefully selecting Wagyu from only the best studs.  

We are currently balancing a fine line of retaining our top genetics and releasing some genetics into the market to retrieve important kill data. We implemented the breed plan for our stud, thus giving us the ability to be micro-selective on the animals we place in the market as breeders. Kill data is constantly refreshed, ensuring animals that fall below the assessment standard are removed to maintain genetically-powerful breed-lines.  

2019 has been an incredibly pivotal year for Gateway farms. We managed to acquire some of the top full blood wagyu genetics Australia has to offer. We are extremely excited to see how their progeny perform in the very near future. If you have confidence in your animals, you can market them with a clear conscience and you know they will sell.